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When I awoke, I was alive in Somebody's room...
...I felt alive and in love, and hope infested my bones.
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8th-Dec-2010 11:33 pm - Splendor App: Leo
Player Information:
Name: Mickey
Journal: muddlefish
Method of Contact: AIM- iAmYourRobin, Gchat/Gmail- VeggieFruitcake@gmail.com, Plurk- ceaselessly
Previous characters: N/A

Character Information:
Full Name: Leo (Last name unknown)
Series: Pandora Hearts
Canon point: Taken from the end of Retrace 50
Age: 16
Species: Human
Appearance/PB: http://cdn.myanimelist.net/images/clubs/8/122377m.jpg
Appearance upon arrival: Wearing a formal suit, fit for a ball. He's just gotten through a series of serious arguments and conversations, one of which got physical, so said formalwear is probably scuffed up. As always he has giant glasses obscuring his eyes in combination with his messy mane of hair.

Previous RP memories:N/A
Bringing someone along?:N/A
Character History: http://pandorahearts.wikia.com/wiki/Leo

Leo is, at first glance, a model servant to the Nightray household, especially his master Elliot. An intelligent, studious boy with messy hair and glasses, Leo is sensible, rational, and subdued. Nothing seems to phase him, and things that might bother others merely pique his interest. He seems the perfect foil to his rash, volatile, and perpetually grumpy master.

In many ways this is true. Leo's skills as a servant are most notable in that he is able to make Elliot calm down simply by rapping him on the head with his knuckles. By pointing out an error without being condescending, Leo manages to keep his master and friend in check.

The interesting part is that Leo is the one with the temper. The only reason he doesn't lash out like he did in his youth is that Elliot's temper is quicker to ignite. Because Elliot needs calming, Leo is able to forget about his own rage.

It would be a mistake to underestimate Leo, regardless of his reigned in temper, as it's revealed in recent chapters of the manga that his devotion to his friend is startlingly deep. He is willing to kill or be killed for Elliot without a moment's hesitation. In fact, the idea seems to border on having an appeal for him.

Character Abilities: Leo has a contract with a Chain (a magical creature from a place called the Abyss) named Humpty Dumpty. It doesn't seem to afford him any obvious powers since the contract was forged without Leo's consent. In fact, the contract may cause Leo to die before his time. In terms of more typical abilities, attempts have been made to train Leo with a sword or gun, but he seems to lack an aptitude with them, despite being very violent in his youth. He can also play piano exceedingly well, especially considering he was self-taught.
Possessions: Glasses that obscure his eyes from view, but serve no real medical purpose. He probably also has a small handgun that he has no idea how to use.
Anything else: Nothing I can think of.

Action/Communication thread/post sample:
My, so much interesting flora and fauna around here. Now if only I knew where 'here' was. I don't recall planning to travel anywhere like this, and that seems like the sort of thing I would remember. So it stands to reason that I've been abducted...

And if I'm abducted, Elliot must be too. After all, no one abducts a servant, but forgets the master. I better find him soon, and he had better be safe... Otherwise... Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, as they say.
Log/Prose sample:
His whole skull was throbbing from the temples to the back of his neck. That was the first thing he noticed as he opened his eyes. He could feel the heat of the moment cooling, and he remembered where he had been an instant ago. In a fight with his friend-- no, his master-- in the courtyard of a cursed house, and then trying to get another friend to promise him something. To kill him, should he ever go out of control.

As the pounding in his head faded, he found himself better able to get to his feet, brush himself off, and inspect whether or not he was injured. He seemed to have all of his possessions, and there were no injuries to his personage. Almost everything was fine. Except for one very important thing.

Rubbing his eyes, Leo became acutely aware that nothing was impeding that process. Which meant his glasses were missing. It sent down a chill down his spine, and a burning sensation spreading through his veins, all at once. It wasn't that he couldn't see this strange new place without the lenses. It was that he did not want to see, or be seen, without them.

Forgetting that he was wearing formalwear, forgetting his dignity, he dropped to his knees and scrambled about, waiting until he finally closed his fingers over the familiar shape of the frames. It wasn't until he slipped them on that his breathing returned to normal, only to stop short as he realized one last shocking thing.

If he was here, the others might be too. Especially Elliot, who was in an unfamiliar place, alone. He was probably furious. Leo almost let that make him smile before getting to his feet, ready to survey his surroundings and begin the search for his master.
Don't you know it's true?
Alright, so weird story that happened about forty-five minutes ago now. I fell asleep watching TV on my laptop, as I often do at around midnight. I woke up (or more accurately, I regained awareness) at about 4:45 AM. I was in a different outfit, at the beach 15 blocks from my house, with no idea how I got there. My feet hurt and looked like I had walked through a swamp, but I was otherwise fine. I obviously made it back to the house, but this is still freaking me out. Sleepwalking and blackouts are not normal for me.

I want to sleep and now I can't D:
Hang on to the things your supposed to s
8th-Dec-2009 12:18 am - LOLocracy: Norway App
name: Miki
age: 18
experience: I'm A Mod For Fuck's Sake~
e-mail / IM: It's On The Contacts
nation: Norway

name: Sverre Underberg
nickname(s): Whatever nicknames come to arise. Generally, he nips those in the bud as soon as possible. Nicknaming him probably puts you on his "to ignore" list automatically. Damn long list...
age: 22
date of birth: May 17th
hometown: Svolvær, Norway
occupation: He works as a cashier at a local hippie's incense store/psychic reading boutique. He takes it completely seriously except he doesn't exactly agree with some of the products sold.
residence: He comes from a rich family so he is able to afford living in one of the nicer Charleston apartments.
family: All his family lives back in Norway so we never get to see them and only hear about them in passing. The most notable of whom is a crazy Grandma who got him started on fairytales.

first impression: "Why won't he smile? Or...blink? Is he breathing?"


❶ Sverre went to high school in America as part of a study abroad program. He liked the area so much that he transferred to Liberty University. He doesn't talk much but his English is pretty much perfect now. Listening has taught him to speak English properly, but to speak like a normal human as opposed to a textbook.

❷ During his junior year of high school, he met (Denmark) and the two of them became very close. They dated pretty seriously until the end of college when Sverre decided he wanted to be single and broke it off. Over the years, he has built up an almost contempt for (Denmark) and is really cruel to him.

❸ Sverre is obsessed with fairy tales and mythical creatures. His favorite movies and books include trolls, fairies, elves and talking goats. He believes there's a nisse (a type of Norwegian fairy) watches over his house. This seems to be a foolish claim, but Sverre's house is impeccably clean, though he doesn't seem to have an interest in cleaning (or anything really). Strange little trinkets show up around the house too. Sverre considers this to be proof.

❹ Having recently met his half-brother (Iceland) for the first time, Sverre has been a bit hurt (not that it shows on his face) by the other boy's coldness towards him. The other boy doesn't seem to think of Sverre as much of an older brother. In response, Sverre compensates and tries to watch over the boy and gets irrationally jealous suspicious of people trying to get close to either of them. It really does bother him to think of his new sibling getting closer to other people first.

❺ He got his job at the psychic reading boutique because he secretly plans on taking over the business when the owner goes into a trance and never comes out. Though those trances are largely substance induced so it's more of a, "Oh they'll OD eventually" scenario. He'll be able to take over right away. He knows plenty about hokey mystical practices and real ones. There aren't any required degrees or anything. He'd be able to slide right into the role. No effort, just how he likes it.

❻ Sverre seems very cold and distant on the outside. The truth is, he's actually like that with most people on the inside as well. He gets bored very easily and is very detached from the real world. There are more interesting things to contemplate in his own fantasy world. He appears to rarely lose his temper. However, when he does lose his temper, it often ends badly for the other person. Sverre can be very manipulative towards people he feels have wronged him. Being so observant and silent allows him to see and hear critical moments in other people's conversations. Tread carefully.

❼ Snow. He's really resistant to it. Freakishly so. As a child he would fall asleep in drifts of it and be perfectly fine. No frostbite, no hypothermia, no death. Not even a cold. It just appears to be one of many things Sverre can't be bothered to worry about. Rather than try to dress for it or avoid it he just sort of trudges right through it. If he's really tired he doesn't even bother going inside. He has to be yelled at to turn on the heat or AC during the respective seasons too.

❽ Early in high school, Sverre fell in with the wrong crowd. He joined a gang called the Vikings. He was pretty good at fighting and keeping track of various enemies and two-faced allies. He remembers it fondly in some ways, but that time may also have jaded him to the point that trusting others is not an option.

❾ He is not big into sports. This is not to say that he's BAD at them, he just doesn't try. He tends to have Daria Syndrome, watching the ball whiz by and reacting two seconds too late. Then shrugging and going to stand in the outfield where no one will bother him.

❿ He has a large stuffed animal collection. His favorite is a pink bunny named Henrik. He tries to go to as few places as possible without his bunny buddy. His grandma sewed him a matching suit when was a child. There are pictures hidden in his childhood home and his new apartment. Pictures of him wearing it. Squee-worthy.

~SECRET~: Sverre is not necessarily a cruel person by default. However, he is easily irritated even if it does not show. Once you bug him, you're on the blacklist until further notice. He won't go out of his way to hurt you, but stumble across his path and he might make things difficult. This only gets worse the more you bother him. Just avoid him if he seems more distant than usual.
With the beating of your tiny heart
18th-Nov-2009 09:59 pm - LOLocracy App: Prussia!~
name: Miki
age: 18
experience: I'm Estonia/Seychelles/Mod-chan

nation: Prussia

name: Gilbert Beilschmidt
nickname(s):Gilbo, Gil, Bert and Ernie
age: 27
date of birth: January 18th, 1982
hometown: Berlin, Germany
occupation: Collection Agency Agent
residence: Apartment with Ludwig
family: Ludwig and his Grandpa

first impression: "Oh, I didn't really ask to know that, but I guess I'm listening..."


1. He's an arrogant, egotistical bastard, and he doesn't give two shits about it because he believes he's extremely awesome and better than everyone. He thinks he's really strong in every field, but in reality he's only physically strong because he kept getting into fights for talking trash. He'll come up to you and start saying how awesome he is at something, even if he doesn't really understand it. In his mind he's not bluffing, he's just sure that he'll have a knack for it.

2. He's a high school dropout. He got into a lot of fights and was eventually expelled. He was a miscreant in his younger days anyway. The real reason behind him dropping out, other than too many fights with everyone in school, was actually to keep an eye on his family more. He couldn't really do that if he was stuck for 7 hours in a goddamn boring school. He doesn't seem all that motivated to get a GED now.

3. For some reason, he uses the words "vital regions" instead of "penis" or "vagina" or whatever. It's not like he thinks it's cool (even if it is). It's just that he already forgot the more... scientific terms for those parts.

4. He's really awesome at his job. No seriously, it's not just bullshit this time. He's what some people call "enforcers". He goes to rough people up and scare them into paying off their debts. He likes doing this for two reasons: 1) It's fun and he won't get into trouble for it. 2) He honestly thinks this is how justice should work. People break a promise, they get hurt (He doesn't make many promises).

5. His chicks, let him show them to you. His little posse of little chicks/chickens compensate for his lack of people friends. He'll attempt to train them time to time to pass time, and, if he takes them outside, he'll let them ride on some part of his body, mainly the head. Yes, they are house broken, so they don't poop on his head. The sad part is, as soon as he gets bored, he leaves them at the house and Ludwig ends up taking care of them a lot.

6. Gilbert isn't so good with relationships and commitment, since he basically hits on everyone by telling them how awesome he is at everything (even though he's obviously not). He gets slapped a lot by girls and gets into fights with people's boyfriends. He actually sort of enjoys the fights because he gets a chance to show off his fighting skills. That said, he almost never actually gets anyone's number because they're all scared or disgusted by him.

7. He knows the staff of Florence Memorial Hospital personally from his days of fighting and beat downs. They try to tell other patients that they aren't associated with him. It still doesn't stop him from visiting the hospital once or twice a month.

8. He doesn't get along with his father, mainly because he was such a rebel and his father wanted model sons, and showed that to him personally by living under the wing of Old Fritz, his old tutor. After Old Fritz died, he moved back with the family, mainly to be with Ludwig. He doesn't acknowledge the existence of his father. Gilbert makes Old Fritz look bad cause of the way he acts and his attitude. He defends Old Fritz all the time.

9. He lives with his brother Ludwig and provides absolutely nothing to Ludwig, except for the nickname of 'West,' and a sad attempt of being a father figure. He'll dirty up the damn place and not care. They drink together, and Gilbert slurs out the problems of his life at his brother and ignores any possible advice Ludwig could slip at him. Even though he's such a lazy ass and eats up Ludwig's money, Gilbert gets on the streets and plays the flute (awesomely) to earn money to slowly pay him back. He slips the occasional bill into Ludwig's wallet.

10. If people haven't noticed already, he's a very lonely person, but he's in denial about it. Whenever something major comes up, he's always left out to go crash it or secretly wallow in misery, eating someone's not-so-hidden stash of food. When people question him about his day or anything along those lines, he'll use the word "awesome" to exaggerate his day. He'll most likely break down one day.

11. As for orientation, Gilbert hasn't really figured it out. He doesn't really care either. He just figures that everyone will be into him because of how awesome he is and he'll decide which of them is the most "awesome". He'd probably end up with a man (or Hungary) as they tend to put up with his vulgarities and posturing a bit better.

12. He's still trying to get a license to get a gun in America. He's a lousy shot though, so every time he takes any kind of test to get licensed, he fails dismally. He also gets rejected because when asked why he wants the license he merely says, "To shoot people? Why else?" He thinks it's a pretty stupid question.

SECRET: Gilbert has daddy issues out the yin-yang. Unwanted and unappreciated by his father, he's long since convinced himself that he's the only one who really gets how "awesome" he is. It wasn't a matter of his father not loving him, merely not getting him. He started getting into fights to show his father he was good at something. He didn't understand that his "talent" was socially frowned upon. The fights only convinced his father that Gilbert was disturbed. Gilbert eventually hit his father during one argument and that's why he left.
With the beating of your tiny heart
6th-Oct-2009 06:20 am - LOLocracy App: Turkey!
name - Miki
age - 18
experience - I'm Estonia and Seychelles
e-mail - VeggieFruitcake@gmail.com

nation - Turkey

name - Sadiq Adnan
nickname(s) -His name is pretty short. It's pretty difficult for most people to make up a nickname for him. Mostly, it's his name to his loved ones and "THAT PERV" to his enemies.
age - 36
date of birth - October, 29th, 1973
hometown - Istanbul, Turkey.
occupation - He's a Sculptor and Architect. He's pretty talented, but he takes what he can get because it's hard to get commissioned these days. He works from home.
residence - Centralia Apartments. But he makes noise when he works at all hours. He might have to move soon.
family - His mother died giving birth to him. He was raised by his father, Orhan (now deceased as well). Orhan never quite forgave Sadiq for killing his wife and went so far as to blame the boy in his youth. Sadiq was expected to dress formally and support his father's views and decisions. Orhan gave him very little in return, though he did pay for his schooling and made sure to give him at least a couple of trinkets on the appropriate holidays. Sadiq could never quite hate his father.

first impression - It's nice to mee- WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING ME THERE?!

1. Sadiq looks roughly the age he is, but he looks good for his age too. He puts in the effort to maintain himself. He showers daily, shaves as needed, buys the nicest clothes he can afford. He also works out four times a week. He started as a boy so he could get bigger than his father and be the man of the house.
2. In his youth, Sadiq was a total bully. He would beat kids up, take their stuff, and when they were older would spread rumors and hit on people's crushes in front of them. Orhan was particularly hard on him in his teenage years and so Sadiq didn't have much self-worth. Sadiq, in turn, vented his rage and insecurities on everyone around him, thinking it would make him look stronger in comparison.
3. Now, as an adult, almost anyone will tell you that Sadiq is a total man-whore. He hits on both men and women, telling them how lovely they are, and all the nice things they deserve. It's flattering and a bit much. He also moves fast. Give him an inch and he'll take a mile. It's really the same insecurities with a different face. Tired of ruling with fear back home, Sadiq has turned to making others love him in Liberty. He just doesn't really know how to.
4. Sadiq is still a virgin. He isn't shy about it and is always asking others to "make him a man". He just hasn't had the opportunity. He wants to, but casual sex was not allowed by his father back in Turkey and he hasn't found anyone here. Plus, part of him thinks it might really be worth it to wait for that special someone. It's a pretty small part though.
5. Sadiq is pretty good at housework. He keeps a clean house and can cook, sew, do laundry, and most other chores. He had to because without a woman in the house, it fell to Sadiq to do these things while his father worked. He learned fast and now that it isn't forced on him, he gets satisfaction out of eating well and keeping things fresh and pretty.
6. Turkey doesn't really do Halloween so Sadiq was very confused when he saw trick-or-treaters for the first time. However, he does love decadent things and costuming and drama so he wants to throw a costume party or go trick-or-treating this year. He'll have to find some friends to go with him first. He doesn't really understand that people aren't supposed to trick-or-treat after a certain age.
7. Sadiq really like fables and fairy tales and things like that. He read the translated versions as a kid and felt kinship with characters like Cinderella, who had an evil parent and wanted a life more beautiful and more fulfilling. Plus it comforts him that there will be a happy ending. His first sculptures were fairy tales. He even learned English by translating back and forth between English and Turkish versions of the tales. They really were a big element in his life.
8. Sadiq got started on sculpting when his father had to have guests over to their home. The guests were wealthy and Orhan wanted to show off his taste and depth. Unfortunately, Orhan was also cheap and had very little taste. He saw some of Sadiq's artwork from school and displayed it, claiming the artist to be someone else. The guests were actually impressed and it was the first time Sadiq ever felt fulfilled by something he did for his father. After that, Sadiq saw sculpture as his chance to get out from under his father's control.
9. Sadiq is not religious. He went to all the appropriate services with Orhan as a child, but Orhan drank and had sex outside of wedlock and defied rules set by the religion. When Sadiq saw that, he lost faith and just hasn't been able to believe that there's anyone up there judging us. It's a shame because he actually kind of liked going to services.
10. He can't hold his liquor. He likes wine, he just can't handle it. For a big guy, he's a lightweight. He loves to buy people drinks and he likes going to bars. Most people think he's drunk there anyways so he usually only buys a glass of wine and carries it around, sipping from it once in a blue moon.
SECRET: Sadiq gets manicures. Regularly. He doesn't want to be less of a man, but his hands get rough and dry from handling clay and his nails get chipped and gross. Sadiq likes feeling groomed and thinks of himself as a class act. So, once in a while he sneaks to a hole-in-the-wall nail bar and gets his hands touched up.
With the beating of your tiny heart
30th-Aug-2009 07:27 pm - LOLocracy App: Seychelles!
Age: 18
Experience: I'm Estonia in Lolocracy!
E-mail: VeggieFruitcake@gmail.com

Nation: Seychelles

Name: Seychelles Voilier
Nickname(s): Shell, Chelly, Chelles. She isn't too fond of any of them so if she lets you get away with it. She likes you.
Age: 18
Date of birth: June 29th 1991
Hometown: Paris, France. Not that she remembers it. She's been moved around a lot.
Occupation: Communications Major at LU
Residence: Currently an LU dorm right smack dab in the middle of the on campus action.
Family: She does not remember her parents as they left when she was young, but she has surmised they are a fairly mixed bag of races and cultures. She was sent from relative to relative throughout Europe, but currently she has a home with her Aunt Amelia back in Paris, which she left at such a young age, she cannot recall. Amelia sent her to America for schooling, but writes her niece all the time. Seychelles' aunt frets that she did not teach Seychelles enough about keeping a good home.

First impression: "Wow what a sweetheart...I wonder why she's so lively though!"


1. From her youth in France and England she vaguely remembers a boy with long hair giving her the red ribbons she wears now and telling her she's gorgeous before running off. She also remembers a boy with HUGE eyebrows cursing and nearly knocking her off the street in London, but with less fondness...

2. She really adores fish of any kind. To eat. It's her favorite food in the world. Now that she's in school, no one can tell her not to eat it all the time so she also skips back from the market, arms full of fresh fish wrapped in newspaper, ready to devour them.

3. The other reason she only cooks fish is because she can't cook something else. She's not that clumsy, but she is a little forgetful and that's made worst in the kitchen because she always seems to forget a key ingredient (like flour in a shortcake). She's just one of those people who can set fire to ice cream. Or always seems to leave the door unlocked or the shampoo outside the shower. She just can't keep track of it all.

4. She adores chocolate above all other kinds of sweets. If you ever need to get her a housewarming gift, look no further than your nearest Godiva. That said, she grew up in Europe eating rather fancy chocolates whenever she could (free samples were her godsend) so she's not a simpleton. Hershey's won't cut it for her. Considering how determined she is to eat only chocolates and fish, it's a wonder she has not tried to combine them together....

5. Her favorite colors are blue (like her dress or the ocean) and orange-red. She wishes blue was not affiliated with boys and pink with girls because she certainly considers herself feminine. She just does not think that feminine means she should have to give up her favorite things.

6. She's a pretty vibrant girl and a total beach bum. She loves to be active and would rather be barefoot. As a child she went to the ocean and swam as much as she could, even if it was cold out. She's got a lot of energy and is pretty athletic at this point. Although, she could probably be on an LU sports team, she isn't sure about trying out as she has no classical training.

7. She loves a good party because it gives her a chance to eat and laugh with others. There's no reason too big or too small. Of course, she does not want the party to make anyone uncomfortable so she would rather be at a party held by people she knows and trusts so that the mischief does not get out of hand. As a result, she avoids hosting parties of her own because she's scared that she'll forget something important or mess up.

8. She grew up in so many places (France, England, brief forays into the Mediterranean region, trips to Seychelles, the island for which she was named, and now America) that her knowledge of language is fairly extensive....although she doesn't know all of them completely and has a tendency to slip from one language to another when she gets mad.

9. Don't get her tired. You wouldn't like her when she's tired. Although, she may seem to have an endless supply of energy, once she hits her breaking point that is it! She'll scream and rage in multiple languages, saying things she doesn't really mean. It's best to just leave her alone. Her aunt would wake her for high school by knocking on the door and running away.

10. She is going to use her linguistic experiences to be a communications major. Though, truthfully, she wouldn't mind just opening up a pastry shop and making sweets all day. She has brushed this off as a child's dream because she just doesn't see how her skills could grow enough to bake and create without mistakes when it really counts.

SECRET: She sometimes snorts when she laughs. REALLY LOUDLY. She's very embarrassed by this fact and does her best to hide it by laughing behind her hand or biting down on her lips. Tickle her and you might just draw back a stump.

With the beating of your tiny heart
23rd-Aug-2009 06:35 pm - LOLocracy App: Estonia!
 NOTE: I have not created a journal for this character, but once I get in, I will!

Name: Mikkun
Age: 18
Experience: Check out the community TFAUniverse if you really need a reference. I was the character, Alpine.
E-mail: VeggieFruitcake@gmail.com

Nation: Estonia
Name: Eduard von Bock
Nickname(s): None, to his knowledge.
Age: 18
Date of birth: February 24th 1991
Hometown: Tallinn, Estonia
Occupation: LU Student (Literature Major)
Residence: Currently in a dorm, but looking for a residence closer to the library.
Family: Lisa (Mother, 43), a gardening fanatic. Eduard loves her, but they disagree on how best to learn about the world. Lisa favors doing and exploring. Eduard just wants to read. His father, Frank (42) is more bookish, like his only son. However, Frank is also a bit of a pushover so Lisa reigns supreme in the house. Eduard had fairly limited input from his father during childhood, but Frank has never seemed to be anything less than happy with Eduard's doings.

First Impression: Most people find that he articulates himself quite well and is very polite. Some people are so taken with this manners, cunning, and tact of his words that they don't notice he's a bit cold until a little later. The only time this is not the case is if you meet him in a library. Startle him when he's in the middle of a book or article and you might get a more authentic, albeit flustered reaction.


1. As a child he was rather poetic and believed in romantic things like magical creatures. After he read some skeptical texts as a teenager, he felt foolish and has since mocked believers and romantics like England and Finland. Secretly, he envies them. He's always wanted someone to prove him wrong and make him a believer again.
2. He's firmly logic-based in his dealings with others, but he's not an ice king. He's been influenced by both Eastern and Western European thought and tends to stay balanced during arguments, siding once he hears all of the points. However, when it comes to personal choices and his own life he tends to get more emotional. Lisa, his mother, knows this and used to poke at things like his choice in clothing as a teenager, just so he'd react a little more emotionally.
3. He likes to sing, but only when he's alone. It's not that he likes to hear his voice, it calms him down and gives a rhythm to do things to. He prefers classical pieces. He thinks the words actually get in the way of music. Words belong in books and music belongs being played. Clearly, he has very cut and dry ideas of what qualifies as what.
4. He loves to hear opinions and angles and stories. He does not judge and loves it even more when the person or source can back up their claims. He'd probably do well in journalism. Especially because he doesn't go flying off the handle and leaking scoops and information to everyone until he's absolutely sure of it. That's partly out of pragmatism, partly out of the fact that he really does not want to look stupid.
5. It throws him off when things don't go as planned. Something as simple as an inaccurate weather prediction can put him off for a fair amount of time. He used to hear to "White Christmas" around the holidays and get super grumpy when it didn't snow before Christmas morning. His parents had to actually limit the carols to "Silent Night" instead.
6. Unsurprisingly, he tries to use resources smartly. He preserves leftover fruits and veggies (Lisa sends him care packages at school), backs up his computer data, and files things promptly. He likes things to be crisp and well done to the point of being obsessive compulsive. This is a man who starches the collars of his nightshirts, just in case of late visitors.
7. He does not have a favorite food. He likes to eat what is in season, feeling that something promptly harvested tastes best and aiming for a balanced diet. That said, because he eats only what's in season, his food choices are very simple. He'd probably develop more preferences if he bothered to combine foods together more freely
8. He does not drink as much as some fellow nations. He tends to drift towards beer as his standard answer when asked what he'll have at parties. Vodka bothers his stomach and goes right through him and wine is something that he feels needs to learn more about before drinking. In his mind, those are really the only choices. Other, more specialized liquors are foreign to him. His parents never drank much and he did not party enough in high school to know about the tastes of others. His exposure to liquor is largely through his intoxication with books.
9. He likes testing his knowledge of things. He's addicted to taking magazine quizzes and aiming for a certain result. If you stop by once or twice a month, you'll find him in his room, filling out Cosmo quizzes with a manic fervor. Thanks to Seventeen, he also knows what make up tones would suit him if he ever wore any...
10. As hungry for new information as he is, he'd rather study the theory of something than practice it. He just thinks of it as testing information that is already confirmed. This is partially him trying to spite his mother's, try-it-you'll-like-it attitude. He still has some growing up to do. He can't quite let go of things and let other PEOPLE'S views in. If it isn't in text, he just can't deal with contrary views to his own.
SECRET: He wears the glasses because he thinks they really do make him look smarter. At home he almost always has his contacts in. Although, he also has glasses hidden through out the house and on his personage so that if someone drops in he can put a pair on right away and not be caught unaware.

With the beating of your tiny heart
15th-Jul-2009 10:26 pm - ZOMG A Post
Since I am actually active now I just thought I should post to my journal for the sake of it. Also because I'm going to be posting fics like woah on communities and I want to resemble somebody who occassionally uses their own journal.
With the beating of your tiny heart
6th-Mar-2008 07:06 pm - salad=cute
so on eljay there is a community that is called rosepetalsalad which is supposedly full of cute images.
in shojo beat there is an add for cute indie clothes called cutesalad.com
when did salad=cute?
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28th-Feb-2008 11:18 pm - two posts in a week
Just when it seems like it's safe to go watch TV again....Tyra Banks swoops down on her evil cloud of bats/model-wannabes and shells out another season of America's Next Top Model. What makes me so sad is that I watch it, with both passion and zeal. So to share my pain, I will impart ANTM wisdom on you each Thursday after a new episode. Let's get started with what I learned:

1. Atoosa is a first name, not a tropical disease. Apparently it's actually the name of middle-aged white woman in the fashion industry.

2. Past contestants had memorable quotes. After all this season's house is decorated with the words of past "winners". I guess I couldn't see through Tyra's armpit fat and bizzare word pauses during elimination scenes long enough to glimpse one of the alleged displays of oration that, in my experience, would make a 4channer weep.

3. The fashion industry has sympathy for hobos. I guess models are people too....just not people worth anything beyond our disdain. That's right this week's photo shoot featured the girls dressed as homeless people (aka grunge and stoner clothing) while actual homeless women posed around them in high-fashion clothes. Apparently beautiful hobos are everywhere, but only Tyra can see them....and give them a chance to be "on top".

Speaking of on top how bogus is the theme song's remix?
I'll be bitching some more next week!
With the beating of your tiny heart
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